Welcome to Northern Cape High School.

Why choose us?

The school aims to develop its pupils on all levels.  We therefore strive to maintain a balance between academic, sporting and cultural development of our pupils. It is therefore expected of every pupil to take part in at least one sporting activity and to be actively involved in the cultural life of our school.

In the words of our motto ADNITOR (REACH FOR THE HIGHEST), we endeavor to educate all our pupils to their full potential in the academic, spiritual, cultural and sporting arenas, to enable them to become well-balanced and responsible citizens of our country.

To achieve this goal, we depend upon the most important partners in the educational process: the parents of our pupils. Your love, encouragement and interest in the progress of your child, as well as your involvement in our school activities, is invaluable.

Parents are, at all times, welcome to discuss any problems concerning their children with the principal in person or telephonically.

We trust that your child will experience a very happy and fulfilling time with us.

Latest school news:


Our wide variety of courses offers something for everyone in Sciences, Commercial, as well as Human Sciences


We offer a wide variety of indoor as well as outdoor sports to ensure a well-balanced environment for all our learners.


We offer a variety of cultural activities as part of our goal to ensure a well-balanced environment.


Well equipped with all the necessary modern amenities and leisure facilities, our hostel can cater for 180 learners.