English FAL

Grade 11 – Complete Comprehension and Summary provided.

Grade 10 – Please read Swimming Partners and the Notes provided, and answer all the questions included with the notes.

Grade 9 – Read the very first story in your Platinum Anthology, “Garden-Gate Green, Privy Pink, Back-door Blue”. Then answer the questions provided.

Teg/ Tech Gr9

Teg/ Tech Gr9
Hersienings oef. bl 74
Ken jou basiese feite no 1-4
Katrolle en meganiese beheerstelsels bl 76-85
Doen hersienings oef. bl86
Ken die basiese feite no 1-4
Kontroleer jou begrip no 1-3
Revision ex. pg 74
Know your basics no 1-4
Pulleys and mechanical control systems pg 76-85
Do revision ex. Pg 86
Know your basics. no 1-4
Check your understanding no 1-3.