Graad 9: Natuurwetenskap/Grade 9: Natural Sciences

Graad 9: Natuurwetenskap
Bladsy 38- 47

Lees eers die 4 eenhede. Maak n lys en gee dan die betekenis van al die nuwe woorde in al 4 eenhede. Voltooi dan:
Aktiwiteit 1 (Bladsy 41)
Aktiwiteit 1 (Bladsy 42)
Aktiwiteit 2 (Bladsy 43)
Aktiwiteit 1 (Bladsy 46)

Grade 9: Natural Sciences
Page 38- 47

First read the four units. Make a list and give the meaning of all the new words in all 4 units. Then complete:

Activity 1 (Page 41)
Activity 1 (Page 42)
Activity 2 (Page 43)
Activity 1 (Page 46)




Grade 9:

Short Story Platinum Reader-
"Dead Men's Path.
Poem - "My Old Shoe"
They must please answer the questions and I will then share the model answers later in the week to mark.

Grade 10:

Read the novel "Finders Keepers" Chapter 6 to 10
The questions on these chapters will be shared tomorrow. Model shared later in the week to mark.

Grade 11:

Read Sophiatown Act I Scene V and VI. Complete the "After reading" questions. Also ensure that the after reading activities for Act I Scene 4 have been completed, as most had not completed it for homework when checked.
SHORT STORY: "Love Songs for Nethi" in their Anthology. Answer the questions given. Model answers will follow later in the week for them to mark.

ALL GRADES will be writing a Literature Test for Term 2, so it is very important to keep up.

LANGUAGE exercises from their Platinum Text Books will follow.